question for staff

hi, i know its been requested but not sure if its in the plans.  i have all my movies/shows on an external hard drive which streams to my ATV2.  i have different folders, including one for each of my 2 daughters.  Theyre not the same age, but there are movies that are good for both.  Currently i have to copy the movie twice, once in each folder, which takes double space on my external disk.  It would be great if media player could recognize aliases, so if you want to link to a movie already in another folder, you dont need to actually have it in that very folder, but it could be somwehere else.


any plans to have media player read alias files?




i love media player BTW

Yes, hopefully in a future version. :)

thanks james.  i absolutely love media player and ATV… looking forward to a lot of updates.  and also, why does it have to download metadata art everytime you power up? it cant store them locally?

Once metadata is downloaded, in the future it will simply be loaded from cache on an as needed basis.

Is there a specific place you are seeing slow loading?

Well every time I go in a folder. The art doesn’t appear And I see at the top “fetching metadata” and the art slowly appear. I also get a lot of foreign language art.

Also i have movies that are not in databases (some
Canadian movies) and often it offers me another close choice. When I center click the remote button an select reload metadata my choice is not there but there is no option to “disregard” ad keep my original title. I have to select a wrong title. Any ways around that ??

Hmmm…which version of aTV Flash (black) and Apple TV software are you running?

Check via Maintenance --> About and Settings --> General --> About. 

Everything is latest version. Atv 5.0 whith latest update from u guys (few days old I guess)

Mine does the same thing. It’s done this for the last few numbers of versions. It works (usually) for movies, but tv shows it loads every single time.

Another feature I’d like to see (I know it’s already been requested) is to have cover art and meta data pulled for the folders containing tv shows. So when I enter my tv shows folder I see the cover art and show metadata rather than a list of 100+ folder icons.