Question about the metadata cache syncing when using multiple Apple TVs

Hello, have another question I hope someone can answer.

I have two ATVs, both pulling from a Synology SMB share.
All of my movie artwork is local, using the suggested naming conventions.

When I initially set up the 1st ATV (adding shares, favorites, and sync to icloud), it wound up with a metadata cache size of a little over 400MB. On the 2nd, I just set it to “sync to iCloud” and it automatically pulled the share information I put in the first one, but the cache size ends up being almost 800MB. If I check my iCloud drive to see how much space Infuse is using, it’s far less then what’s being used locally on my ATVs (around 170MB).

Can someone explain how Infuse’s caching and syncing over iCloud works? It seems my 2nd ATV is having to store double-data, and I’d like to fix that if at all possible.


Don’t worry, it’s working right. Currently Infuse stores both the textual and graphic metadata on the ATV but it only syncs the textual metadata to iCloud for now. You can see what is synced to iCloud here iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

Thanks for that! I understand what’s syned to my iCloud now.

Still curious as to why the metadata cache on my 2nd APTV is twice as large as the 1st one, even though they’re pulling from the exact same share. Any ideas?

I’m not quite sure why it does that but I believe that it’s due to things like artwork may be different between the two if they fetched it at different times since the metadata is constantly being updated on many shows. So some may have different file sizes.

As an example of exactly what you’re seeing I have 4 ATVs and two had 6GB of metadata in the cache and the other two had 1 or 2 GB. I just recently on one of them that had 6GB went to the Infuse settings and scrolled down to the red Clear Metadata button and flushed it all out. It gets the textual info from iCloud so that part was pretty quick (about an hour to fetch metadata for 13K+ items) and then it has to go back and re-fetch the artwork from thetvdb and themoviedb. That’s what takes the time so I just set the ATV settings to 10 hours for sleep and then went back to Infuse and let it run all night fetching artwork. Worked like a charm, had to do a few corrections but all in all pretty painless. Now that ATV has 1GB of metadata according to the red button in Infuse settings. Gained back 5GB on that ATV.

I guess it just needs to be cleaned out now and then.

I’m anxious to see when Firecore gets the option to sync artwork as well as the textual metadata to iCloud. That should make it quite a bit faster to rebuild.

I thought I had tried that (clearing metadata in Infuse on the 2nd APTV), but I’ll give it another go tonight. Thanks, m8!

And I agree, syncing artwork to iCloud would be a big timesaver for library rebuilds. I hope its something the developers are considering in future updates.

You got me thinking ( I know, dangerous at best) if your 2nd ATV comes back with the same size metadata after the clear, you might want to try the first one. There may be better artwork or metadata in general causing the second one to be a bit higher. That way if you clear both they should be equal. Just a thought.

That’s the thing, all of my artwork is stored in the movie folders, named in the following formats: “moviename (year).jpg” or “moviename (year)-fanart.jpg”. It’s DEFINITELY using them, so I’m not sure what the deal is.

Maybe the 2nd APTV is pulling both the artwork from TMDB and my local artwork and caching them both for some reason? Will have to investigate further.

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