Question about restore image

So I modified my restore image so that I will restore to 2.1 if anything happens. I also have a file 1.0 restore image for use with nito tv for installing AFP, usb, etc through smart installer. My question is, could I create a new image and keep the 2.1 OS.dmg in there for restore purposes, but also keep a 1.0 OS.dmg, renamed of course, in it? This way, when the file is stored on the ATV in case anything happens. The problem is that the both files won’t fit normal 400mb restore image. Could I create a new image that is, say, 410mb? and keep everything in there? Would this different size mess anything up? I just want to have it backed up in another place, and I would think that having it on the ATV would be as safe as any.

Since the Recovery partition on the AppleTV is 400MB, you would have to make that bigger as well. I don’t really suggest that, unless someone here knows something that would not mess up the AppleTV. I know you could probably partition the AppleTV drive differently and then Restore it and everything will be fine, but I have not tried this. I’d say keep the 1.1 image either on the AppleTV somewhere or burn it to a CD for safe keeping if you are worried about losing it on your computer.

To see your partitions on the AppleTV, ssh into it and use “sudo diskutil list” without the quotes of course.