Question about Network-Speed from DiskStation

Hi :slight_smile:

I need some help to optimize my Connection from my DiskStation to my AppleTV 4K (2021)…

I have connected in Infuse with NFS!
The Speed-Test say 220Mbit…

Is there a better way to get more speed?
How much Mbit you get on your Device?

I use a Vodafone Station as Router :wink:

What speed test are you using?

Directly in Infuse on AppleTV

Infuse may not max out. I get about 400Mbps on wifi using infuse but if I use iperf3 I get around 600Mbps on wifi (930 on Ethernet)

But I get 220Mbit via Ethernet (cat8 cable)… :joy:

There must be something wrong…

Infuse isn’t doing a MAXIMUM throughput test, it’s doing the speed that videos would use on average.

You’d need to use something like iperf3 as @JarvisMeier mentioned to see what the max throughput for your atv to nas is.

You might want to try as a test, replace your cable with a decent cat6 cable and see if it’s the same. Cat8 is overkill for ATV anyway.

Are you having problems tracing back to poor speed? If not don’t worry about the speed tests.


I got a DS1515+ with LAG port (2x 1Gb), and aTV 4K, both connected via Ethernet to a Cisco switch (SG300-10P).

Using also NFS, and i got for a 4GB file an average of 313.75Mbps (using Infuse test).

PS - As NC_Bullseye said. the best test to know exatly the maximum throughput you can get in your network, is doing iPerf tests, you can install AppleTV “iPerf - Speed Test Tool” (link : ‎iPerf - Speed Test Tool on the App Store ( and do iperf tests between aTV and other LAN devices.

Infuse tests max bandwidth used to stream the file. You probably won’t ever see anything above 350Mbps or 400. Install docker on your diskstation and then install the iperf3 package. From there you can install it on your client devices as well to test actual network throughput between devices.

See this:

Are you seeing issues when streaming?

220 Mbps should be plenty for playback of pretty much any file.


I think he’s going from a pure performance perspective and not necessarily having issues. I get 275 on NFS with my system, so he’s looking to close the gap. For reference, that is with a cat 5E backbone through a gigabit switch and with AirPort Extreme routers

Yes :wink:
I have no Issues with Streaming, but I wonder why someone get 700mbits and I only get 200mbit, and I try to optimize my devices to get the best possible Speed and Performance

I don’t think with NFS. every protocol is different. Try FTP if you want speeds like that. Not sure if there are trade offs though. I feel like I read someone had issues with seeking but can’t remember. Maybe test it out and report back if you are interested in trying it out.

Ok, I have tested it now with FTP-Protocol and with that I get 800mbit!

But the Problem is:
The LivePreview is now much slower and really sluggish!!!

How is that possible with this amazing Datarate over FTP? :thinking:

Different protocols operate differently. If you didn’t have issues with NFS the stay with that. Optionally you could also spin up plex server and try that as well.

It sounds like your on the verge of getting so fast you won’t be able to watch a thing! LOL

Different protocols have different requirements with different security implementations that will cause problems when used for functions they weren’t designed for primarily.

As @JarvisMeier said, if you didn’t have playback problems with either SMB or NFS the stick with one of those and spend the time watching videos and not worrying about data pipe envy. :wink:

There’s an old saying I’ve found to be very prophetic,

“If it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT!”


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