Question about Metadata in Media Player

How can I fetches two single file? Example here: Source code CD1.avi and Source code CD2.avi -> finds no metadata!
Do I need to merge the two files or put into a separate folder?

In most cases the individual files the metadata is correctly located. Example here: 300.mkv -> finds metadata!
In the name of files should be written no parenthesis. Otherwise he is no metadata? Example here. Avatars (Bluray) mkv -> finds no metadata!

Is it possible to change incorrect metadata manually? At the film 13”, he takes the wrong data?

Media Player is really good:wink: Could you possibly install a few plugins and extra features? I would appreciate a program like Cinema Experience ( XBMC)!

Otherwise a great job and a lot more stable as XBMC! B-)

I have found that including the year in brackets helps.  e.g. Source Code (2011)

ok, thanks … i will try it :wink:


But, how can I fetches two single files?


For me it works by doing the equivalent of:

Source Code (2011) CD1.avi

Source Code (2011) CD2.avi

It finds the metadata and appears as two copies of the film in the library.