Question about library

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the Library between my iPhone and Apple TV 4.
My library is mainly based on the cloud (google drive) and it seems to be taking ages to get all the metadata if I try to do it from the ATV.
My question is… If I open Infuse on my iPhone and let the metadata update completely it will get updated as well in the ATV (due to having iCloud Sync enable)?


Due to the nature of Google Drive, fetching info can take a bit of time. We have a few ideas for how we can improve things in this area which we are hoping to have available in an upcoming version.

Unfortunately each device would need to fetch info from Google Drive independently. Sorry.

Thanks James,

What a shame :frowning: it would be great to add metadata sync between devices using/storing it on iCloud so there would be no need of syncing all devices.