Question about genre from a non english speaking country

Hi, I noticed that genres are listed twice. Once in english, once in the language of the region set in iOS settings. Even though my devices are set to use english language some of the movie descriptions and genres are shown in local language. See attached screenshot. Movies in these genres are disjunct. Can I override the language Infuse is fetching from IMDB to english so that all is consistently in english?

Under Settings > Language > What are your settings for the three options?

Just a minor correction also, the metadata comes from not IMDB. :wink:

all three are set on auto

thanks for the info on metadata source

I don’t use the iOS version very often, as a test would it be possible to change the iOS region to English and see if the duplicates go away?

I’ve changed the region to US, nothing changed. I then deleted the metadata (almost 1GB) and let the library resync itself. Afterwards there were only english named genres available so it fixed it. I understand that this was only a test since I have to set the region back.

Thanks for helping me learn a bit more about the iOS version! Another thought, again as a test could you set Settings > Language > Metadata to “English” and see if it changes things after you clear the metadata? If it’s too much of a hassle I understand. I’m just trying to understand the logic behind the option settings.

Glad I could help. Setting metadata to English solved my problem, genres are only in English now and no duplicity anymore. Thank you.

I appreciate you hanging in there and taking the time to work this out! Glad it’s working for you now.

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