Question about BluRay subtitles

I like how infuse let me adjust appearance of subtitles. - Over the past few years I tuned them to perfection, BUT, when subtitles are included in BluRay rips, they look bad, bigger, higher on screen, totally ignoring all my settings related to subtitle appearance. How can I keep my desired look of subs, no matter what format or source they come from?!



Blu-ray PGS subtitles are bitmaps, so there’s nothing you can do to change that. You have to OCR them into a text format, such as SRT, which can then be handled as you wish. And there’s no way around it. Same thing goes for DVD VOBs, which are also image files.

I personally use Subler on Mac for this.

Ok. Good to know. Thanks!

I’ve raised a very similar issue with Firecore - in my case an internal subtitle in an mkv file was displaiyng much larger than my setting for external srt subtitles, and extracting the internal subtile to external srt all was fine (but the internal same subtitle - not bitmap - was displaying larger).

I also use imkvextract on my Mac to extract muxed in subtitles - and for sub/idx subtitles (ie Vobsub) I can then use ‘subtitles converter’ from the app store (oddly, Mac has built in ability in the Terminal using command line to convert vobsub subtitles… but this app is so cheap and works and gui based).

Another easy stopgap measure is to go to and download the srt subtitle for your movie - for bluray the file that specifies it’s for a bluray rip etc will probably be perfect… escecially if uploaded from a ‘gold’ memebr or moderator.
My other main sources for subtitles are:-

ps another very useful Mac tool is

This converts&/or edits text based subtitles… just what you need to easily shift all the times in an srt file if they’e off, and adjust as needed for those times when one of the subtitles you’ve found can quite sync properly to your movie/tv file.

The OP’s rips “look bad” but I ripped two movies to BDMV folder, and when I turn-on subs they “flash” ie. the subs might look OK if they stayed on the screen, but they come-on at the correct timing but stay lit for maybe a tenth of a second if that.

Do Blu-ray subtitles just not work at all with Infuse? I am using the Pro trial with intent to go Lifetime but…this seems like a big gap in functionality to me. After all, the BDs are ripped as-is i.e. to 1920x1080 and their subs which in this case do actually appear on-screen under the the person speaking the lines, should function should they not?