Question about BDMV information

Hi there,

Having followed this thread regarding folder structure -

my BDMV plays fine but there is no data on the title screen detailing what resolution it is. I just get the n/d box.

Can anyone advise me?

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This problem does occur if your BDMV movie is stored in a cloud drive.
There are a lot of .mpls and .clpi format files in the BDMV movie that guide the movie playback, and infuse will read these files one by one when getting the resolution information of the movie or playing the movie. For movies in cloud drive, this will take longer time, while for movies stored locally, this problem will not occur.
I’m not sure if this is infuse’s fault. If you are tired of waiting, you can use the software BDInfo to see the structure of the movie and delete unwanted files in .mpls and .cpli format, you can also convert a BDMV movie to iso format or REMUX it to mkv.

Thank you so much. Much appreciated.