Question about Atmos

I have a Sony X900F and i’m considering buying a new atmos soundbar. The bar will need to be hooked up via the ARC port on the TV. I’m aware ARC doesn’t support lossless codecs but it should handle EAC-3 Atmos (netflix etc).

My questions are as follows.

  1. If i were to play an EAC-3 Atmos file in infuse, would the audio be bit-streamed in DD+ container or is it output as PCM MAT 2.0?

  2. Does the audio setting in the apple tv system settings have any impact for this use case scenario (‘auto’ v ‘dolby digital’)?

  3. Can Infuse transcode TrueHD Atmos to EAC-3 and retain Atmos metadata.

I’m asking because i dont believe the X900F can passthrough PCM MAT 2.0 so an atmos soundbar may be pointless. As i said, it has to be connected over ARC due to a minimalist installation.


  1. PCM
  2. Auto is required for Dolby atmos
  3. No. All lossless tracks are stripped of object based data and transcoded to PCM.
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One last thing, if Infuse is able to decode TrueHD Atmos, and the apple TV can output MAT, why does the the atmos data get lost?

It can’t decide TrueHD atmos. It just reads the TrueHD portion. Apple only supports decoding of dd+ atmos to MAT.

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Some sound bars have a HDMI in and out.

If you had a TV which couldn’t pass through all the formats then this would solve that issue.