question about art for folders

Hi Firecore guys,


I have a bunch of VIDEO_TS folders saved on an external hard drive connected to my Time Capsule, and my Apple TV is reading those VIDEO_TS folders.  When I select one with Media Player, I can get it to display a poster frame of my choice by saving a screenshot JPG alongside the folder (for example, the folder “The Dark Knight” would be saved alongside a file called “The Dark Knight.jpg” and that’s the art that would show when the VIDEO_TS folder is selected).


Now that’s all well and good, but I’m hoping to be able to instead copy this JPG picture and paste it as the folder icon instead of having it exist as a separate file.  Like if I select the folder and right-click, and select Get Info, then paste the JPG over the blue Mac folder icon in the top left corner of the info window, would aTV Flash be able to recognize it that way and display that picture when the folder is selected?  I know this isn’t a dealbreaker by any stretch, but it would ease my perfectionist mind and help me clean up the list of movies that is displayed in Front Row also.  (As is, when I open Front Row, it lists all my movies, as well as all my JPGs, which bugs the heck out of me.)


Anyway, it’s a small, very minor request, but I personally think it would be awesome!  It would also be cool for folders containing TV shows, then I could paste a cover JPG onto the whole folder.


Thanks a lot for listening!