Question About Adobe Flash Program

Hello Community,

I have been using FireCore, and during a previous version of it I was able to use the Web Browser to surf webpages with video, and see some videos.  Others times video would hang.

I updated FireCore for aTV Flash black to the newest version, and now it appears some videos, when I click them, return a window for installing Adobe Flash.

Can Adobe Flash be installed to we can view Flash videos in the Web Browser?

Is there any other tools that we can use to view Flash videos on AppleTV that are part of FireCore or can be routed through FireCore somehow?

I purchased this software specifically to browser the web and view the videos on those webpages, so that is my main reason for writing this.

Be Well,


There is no support for Flash on ATV2.   This is different to the ATV1 which because it used an Intel based processor could support Flash relatively easily.

Apparently an attemnpt was made at one point t get it working on ATV2 but the resulting performance was unacceptable (something like 10 frames per second) because the processor was just not powerful enough.  

What that does not explain is the fact you said that with an earlier release of ATV Flash (black) on ATV2 you could use these web sites.   If you could that suggests that they were not trying to use flash so why has this changed?

The website changed the format, and with that the way they videos are played on their website.

Is there any software that can be placed on the AppleTV black that can modify flash to play?