Quality on movie streaming bug!

I have atv flash black installed.
When streaming all videos the quality of the picture is not 100%. Doesnt matter if i use the mediaplayer or xmbc or youtube.
There are constant millisecond white flashes over the screen during the playback. All random.

A bug or a problem i have to accept?

Hmm, very strange. Can you send in a bug report?

Have you tried a different HDMI cable? I have seen that effect with bad/low quality HDMI cables.

Thank you for your idea about the HDMI cable. But I dont think so, cause I have played movies before jailbreaking on the same HDMI cable.

I will make a bug report then.

And for that matter, seeing tv channels through xmbc doesnt make this problem.


After putting more then 2 days of reading and testing i randomly changed the hz.
When changed to 50 from 60 hz in the main settings of the atv it worked out well!

I am a hell of a bug solver!

This one u get for free:)


Thanks for following up! :)