I just bought my new Apple TV 4K and i would like to stream 4K material from my QNAP. I can browse it with SMB, but i think SMB is too slow, because it is unable to buffer the movie. So i want to try NFS, which also works, but for whatever when i want to open a folder (in Infuse) it says “An error occured” and that’s it.

What can it be?

It is probably that your Apple TV is not authorized to read the folder.
This happened to me when I changed Apple TV and had not re-allocated the IP address of the old one to the new one.

Since NFS authorizations are by IP address, if you have not done it you should:

  • allocate a fixed IP address to your Apple TV
  • give this IP address read authorizations on the folders you want to share via NFS that is you you NAS’s software)
    … or allow read access to any device on your local network if you feel so.


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You were right, fixed the access control and now it is working. Hitting another (bandwith) issue, but will open another topic for that!

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