Qnap help

Hi Everybody

I’ve got a qnap nas with two factor identification.
I connect to my nas and i see my folder but nothing inside and an error appear.

Help me please

It’d help if you would provide a bit more information.

Version of Infuse and Pro or subscription?
Type of files you’re having problems displaying (.mkv .mp3 .mov etc.)?
Exactly how your files are named?
Type of connection (DLNA SMB FTP etc)?

So my version of infuse is pro v5.4.4
I tried to enter the connection info of my nas.
Then I see my files but when I return I have an error message.
I recall that I have configured my server with a two factor identification.

First blush and I’m by no means an expert on NASs and two factor ID maybe you could set up a new user in the NAS that requires a single password.

Just a thought, since I’m sure some equipment isn’t set up to provide two step ID and the NAS should be able to accept either based on the user profile.

I have a qnap 451+, and I only use 2 factor authentication on the admin accounts or accounts which access from outside my home network.

For my apple tv, I set up a read only account without 2 factor authentication, and disabled all applications like photo station and file station. The only thing the account has checked is microsoft networking(samba). So basically if someone tries to access the account from the internet, the only port I have open is HTTPS not samba, and if they manage to log into QTS, they don’t have any way to browse files because file station is disabled and all other apps are disabled for them. They literally only get a worthless blank desktop in QTS. In order for them to use samba, they have to be physically connected to your wifi network and would have to know the name of the account and password. You can make the name of the account something odd and unguessable, as well as the password. The chances of a neighbor being able to break into your wifi password, then also guess the name of the user and password is very slim. Also, even if they manage to get past that, the only shares the appletv account has access to is the multimedia folder which only has tv shows and movies. None of my other shares with personal documents.