Putty -- SSH Access Denied

I have not found a satisfactory answer to this problem that has been noted in previous posts.

  1. I am running Windows.

  2. Downloaded Putty

  3. Opened Putty

  4. Entered the command: ssh frontrow@AppleTV.local

  5. Get the message: “Welcome to the World of Apple TV With ATV Flash”

  6. At the prompt ssh frontrow@AppleTV.local@[ipaddress]'s password, I enter frontrow.

  7. Get “access denied.” Every time. No matter what.

What do I need to do to get access?



To solve your problem run putty and enter just your Apple TV IP address (or appletv.local if your DNS is working right). Fortget about adding frontrow on the Apple TV address. When you get the welcome message enter frontrow as username and frontrow as password.

Long Life!!!

That worked. Thanks.

this did not work for me. still says denied???

Have you installed aTV Flash yet? SSH won't be enabled by default, but will be turned on by aTV Flash.

works for me.

Thanks for your comment. Coudl you be a bit more specific though? I am having trouble locating exactly where to download this atvflash. I'm pretty familiar with the ATV and where everything is I think I have everything installed but SSH still wont enable. Thanks.