Put.io WebDAV streaming Broken

In the past few weeks, Infuse is no longer able to stream any media from Put.io using their WebDAV (HTTPS) server. It is able to retrieve the directory listing, but each time I try to play any video file it results in “An error occurred loading this content” error.

The issue affects Infuse both latest version of 4.0 Pro & 5.0 Pro on tvOS (10.1) & iOS (10.2).

Is anyone successfully streaming from Put.io?


We’ve tracked down one issue that was affecting WebDAV streaming in some cases.

If you’re interested in trying a beta with this fix please let me know.

Hi James,

Yes, I would like to try the beta. The administrators at Put.io are also very interested in this fix as well, which I can report back to them if it works.


PM sent. :wink:


Is it possible to try the beta ?

i’m a user of put.io service too and no one of my video on it works.

Thk’s a lot,


Hi Tryo,

I have tried the 5.2 Beta and the WebDAV (HTTPS) streaming works again with it. For now, if you don’t want to wait, you can set up an FTP connection to Put.io (ftp.put.io) that works just as well, just not encrypted. Hopefully one day, Infuse will support FTPES as well.

The only feature that is missing from WebDAV (over FTP) is the ability to delete remote files. Not sure why their WebDAV client has not implemented that feature when the FTP & SMB clients do.

Hi, could i have the beta also?

thank you very much

Hi, I am also interested in trying the BETA
When will the fix be released in an official version?