Put.iO + Infuse = Sick!

Been using Put.io for while and im amazed how versitale it is. Also using Infuse since first release. Just wondering how sick it would be if i could stream and/or download straight from my Put.io account. If you ever add that feature im willing to pay anything for that update. Please add that…pls…

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We’ve been getting more and more requests for this lately, so it’s something we’ll definitely look at adding.

Stay tuned!


Same here… Putio and infuse = Sick…

It is already available
Put.io supports webdav and as well infuse
Add webdav.put.io with ssl in infuse and login with your put.io username and password

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When could we get official put.io support James? ??

I would really like a native/official support for put.io. Using WebDAV right now, which is ok. Would be cool with a more seamless integration

@james Could we get official support with v7!? Please! Put.io even reached out :wink:

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