Purchased iTunes content won't play

Running 5.5.5 Pro and ATV 4K. Connected via SMB to my iMac that has external HDDs that host my iTunes and other media libraries. I’ve been populating my Infuse library with MKVs created from my BluRay disc library, and these videos all play fine. From the same external drive I can play non-purchased videos (e.g. downloaded Vimeo shorts) in my iTunes library, but purchased iTunes media will not play (I get an error message). From what I understand, Infuse should have no issue playing DRM’d iTunes videos (all account passwords were entered correctly).

Any suggestions?

Infuse cannot play iTunes purchased media … see this article; Error Loading purchased Movies from iTunes (+ a General Love Letter to Firecore)

Thanks - my mistake!

Would be nice if that was explicitly spelled out in the FAQ - I couldn’t find it anywhere.
I do like what I see with the app so far though.

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