Purchased Infuse Pro. iPad still offers upgrade option.

Hi there.

When trying to stream a video from another device, I was told that it was only available under Infuse Pro. Clicking the purchase option, I was billed for the £4.99 and yet I'm still told that I need to upgrade in order to stream videos.

I tried the option to Restore (in the off-chance that this would get the app to update to the purchased version) but after entering my Apple ID, all I get is the message "An error occurred".

At first I thought that there was a bug in the purchasing process and thought no more of it. Today, however, I had an update from Apple with the billing information for the app. I've paid my money. Where's the goods?


Sorry about that. The upcoming version of Infuse should have much better IAP detection to avoid issues like this, but in the meantime you may try fully closing out of the app (via the multi-tasking window) and then reopening it.

I went one better than that. I removed it from my iPad, then re-did the sync from iTunes so as to re-install it.

That didn't work.


OK. Problem resolved.

After re-installing it on my iPad, the Restore option accepted my Apple ID password and it is now streaming across devices.


When's the next version due?