Purchased Infuse Pro from ATV -- Not Reflected in iOS AppStore

I purchased Infuse Pro from my AppleTV yesterday, however, I can’t ‘restore-purchase’ to upgrade the free version of Infuse on my iPhone 6S Plus and the iOS Pro version continues to display a $9.99 price. Thought maybe it took a while for the ATV AppStore purchase to sync over to iOS, but it’s been over 24 hours :frowning:

Same here :frowning:
Purchased the pro for ATV4, but can’t get /restore the pro features on iOS.
It seems to work only in one direction.

I’ve submitted a ‘problem-with-purchase’ ticket through the AppStore transaction history screen. If they aren’t able to ‘unlock’ it, I guess the only option will be to go ahead with a refund transaction and then re-purchase using iOS. Submitted a tech-support request the developer yesterday, no response.

At the moment they are currently different apps … “Infuse Pro 3” on iOS and “Infuse Pro 4” on tvOS.

If you had previously purchased “Infuse Pro 3” on iOS then you get a free upgrade to “Infuse Pro 4” on tvOS.

However the inverse is not true … However James has mentioned that they are also working on a version of “Infuse Pro 4” for iOS and when that is released I would expect that your purchase of the app on tvOS will also allow you access to the iOS version.

I initiated a refund request, which was immediately granted in the same screen – when I clicked [SEND], the response screen was a confirmation of the refund. Thought you had to wait for a reply email…