Purchased Infuse 6 Pro "bundle" upgrade. OK on iPad and aTV, can't download on iPhone

Any solutions to this yet. The advice above does NOT work for me.

I had previously purchased Infuse Pro 5 as the standalone app.

Decided i would upgrade to Infuse 6. I went through the process to do this(and not being offered any free trials or discounted lifetime price) and am now signed up on a yearly subscription.

Was able to install Infuse 6 on one iPad and my AppleTV perfectly fine without any issue. Now when I have gone to install Infuse 6 on my other iPad i’m am unable to even return a search result for Infuse 6 and find only the upgrade bundle option.

As per the advice above, i went through and purchased this (i was never advised it was something i had already purchased, it just went through and completed the transaction). It then installed Infuse Pro 5 again and continues to fail to install Infuse Pro 6.

Surely there is some solution by now considering the age of this thread???

Any help would be awesome.

What version of iOS is the problem iPad running? Infuse 6 requires iOS 12.0 or later according to the compatibility section in the App Store.

If you are running an older version of iOS then it would explain why it is not showing up.

Thanks, I was not aware of that. I’m pretty sure its on version 11 something. I will upgrade and see how that goes.

Ok so upgrading the software has resolved the problem. Thanks for the tip.

Although, any idea what I do about the $32 purchase I have on my account now for the “upgrade bundle” that i only went through with based on the advice from the firecore staff member above???

you will need to contact Apple and ask for a refund as it was purchased in error (I don’t think FireCore can help with purchase issues as they are controlled by Apple ). I’m afraid I can’t remember the exact process but I know there is a link/process as I used the refund process when Infuse 5 first came out (switched from standalone app to subscription).

if it is a recent purchase (less than a week) then I would expect it to go through without any problem.

Link to the process: Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple - Apple Support

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