Purchased Infuse 6 Pro "bundle" upgrade. OK on iPad and aTV, can't download on iPhone

We’ve had a few reports of this today, and it seems to be some sort of issue with the App Store.

Here’s the steps to resolve, which has been confirmed to work by a handful of people so far.

  1. Open the bundle details, and confirm the bundle appears as purchased.
  2. Tap the price button that appears next to Infuse Pro 6, like you are going to purchase it.
  3. The App Store will ask for Face/Touch ID to confirm your purchase (scary, but continue).
  4. You’ll get a popup saying you’ve already bought the app, and it will now be downloaded for free.

We’re not sure why this is happening, but it only seems to be affecting a subset of people. Rest assured, if you already own the bundle there’s no way to actually ‘purchase’ the Infuse Pro 6 app again…the App Store simply won’t allow it.