purchased aTV Flash (black)

I have purchased aTV Flash (black) but i can not download it and there is no order i contact the sales suport but no resonse

it is not on my account how can i received my order ?

pls help Peter


Solved Thanks



what was your solution?

i am in the same position as you were

zero feedback from their website after purchase via paypal

I would like to hear the solution to this too, how long does it take to get the software from when you order? Might be a good idea to state this information on the order page.

I post a message here and then i got help from the suport



Under normal circumstances the software will be available for download immediately after submitting an order.

There are a few reasons why the downloads will not be immediately available (incorrect email address, PayPal eCheck, etc…). If you’re missing your download links please send us an email and we can look into it.

Thank you, all sorted.