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Hello…just started with Infuse. As a test, I downloaded a purchased movie from my apple account using the “browser” link on my iPad. File download went fine, and the movie shows up in Fusion with as a (1080p HD .m4v) file and all the metadata…ie…description, cast&crew, etc. is there. But when I attempt to play I receive “An error occurred loading this content”. Of course if I go into my native iTunes app via “purchased”…there it is and it plays fine of course.
Is this a DRM issue…ie…purchased video can only be played in the Apple ecosystem…or did I mess up somewhere else…thanks in advance for any feedback

Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to play purchased iTunes content.

The only way to play these will be with Apple’s native apps, unfortunately. :confused:


Thanks James…I suspected as much…but wanted to verify that was the issue.

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