Published Infuse in an Accessible Location

I’d love to try Infuse 7, but it’s not published in an accessible location. The application is only published on Mac’s “App Store”. I don’t have an Apple account, nor will I ever have one for any reason.

Please consider publishing this application somewhere everyone can access. For example, FireCore’s GitHub profile. I don’t understand why publishing the binary there would be a big deal.

I’m sure your user base would grow slightly if the application was published in a location everyone could access. It would grow by at least 1 user :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime… If I buy premium, or whatever FireCore calls it, is the binary sent to me? Or would I still be unable to install the application?


It all goes through the Apple app store.


Thank you for answering my question NC_Bullseye.

Hopefully this will be considered.
For now, my search for a media client continues!

How do you use Apple devices without an Apple Account? You make a Hackintosh or something?

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