Protect access to Infuse Pro on Apple TV 4


I have an Apple TV 4 with the current version of Infuse Pro. On my iPad, I can password-protect the access to Infuse Pro but it seems on my Apple TV I can’t. At least, I couldn’t find the same option in the Apple TV app as in the iOS app.

On my Apple TV, I can PIN protect access to apps only for ALL (non-system) apps or for apps with a certain age restriction (4+, …, 17+). PIN protection for ALL (non-system) apps is a very inconvenient option just to protect access to Infuse Pro. Besides, there is only one PIN code possible and so I can’t give a person access to some apps and not some others. The Infuse Pro app for Apple TV appears to have no age categorization because I tried the different age restriction settings and none had any effect.

So, to sum it up: Could you please add some kind of password protection for Infuse Pro for tvOS as there is for iOS? Or is that a problem with tvOS preventing that? Maybe you could then categorize the Infuse Pro app for tvOS app as 17+ so that I can use the tvOS built-in options to protect access to Infuse Pro.

On the Apple TV you can password protect certain folders and/or favorites.

To do this…

  1. Enable the Restrictions option in Infuse > Settings and create a PIN code.
  2. Navigate back to the home screen, highlight the folder/favorite you want to protect, long-press on it and choose the ‘Enable Passcode Lock’ option.
  3. Repeat step 2 for any other folders/favorites you want to secure.
  4. You can also limit what content appears in the Up Next List on the home screen by adjusting the option found in Settings.

Thanks for the tip but it seems to me that this doesn’t really offer any protection because the “Search” function still found and played every movie or series within the library no matter whether the folders or favorites were password/PIN protected.

So, I just had to type a single letter within the “Search” function and I got a whole list of movies and/or series displayed, which I could play after selecting them. The results were not filtered for movies/series in folders/favorites that were password/PIN protected.

Is that the way it is supposed to be? Did I overlook something?

P.S.: I now see why this doesn’t work. I was wrongly assumed that PIN protection of a folder that is part of the library would exclude this folder from being displayed in the library. But this is not the case.

Thanks for pointing that out.

This is something we are looking to improve, and will likely be adding an extra setting to PIN protect the search options on iOS and Apple TV.

We’ve improved this a bit in the upcoming 5.6.9 version, so that Search is protected with a PIN code when Parental Controls are enabled.

Looking forward to it.

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