Pros and Cons of Infuse (IMO)

Infuse is a great program, but it is not exactly what I am looking for in regards to certain things.

Fantastic and excellent video playback (all codecs, containers for video and audio).
Integration with Plex and Emby


The issue of movie extras, dvd bonus features, tv show extras (at episode and season levels) just never seems to be important to the developer. This is the HUGE PART of a media server that I love-ripping the commentaries, interviews, and deleted scenes with a movie or tv show. These need to be nestled in with the movie or tv show season/episode in a beautiful layout. However, I have ZERO hope that this is something the developer has desire to incorporate.

This leads me to a dilemma. Plex/Emby has this part pretty well, but Infuse’s playback and pure video playback is top in the game. I just wish we could marry the TWO!


very detailed pros and cons list.

I agree, I have many documentary DVD / BR with lots of shorts which would be nice to rip as a full disc. The only way I can do this is with full menus is on my Dune, which is pretty backward compared to the Apple TV interface or even a Nvidia Shield.

Even if it was just a media folder with the same name and the filenames were listed, it’d be great to toss some extras in there.