ProRes stuttering (tvOS 17)

Just updated my Apple TV 4K (2022) to the latest tvOS 17.0 and have noticed that Infuse (7.6.1 [4559]) is now stuttering like crazy when playing back 1080p ProRes (422) files. I have a large music video collection, most of them are Masters (ProRes 422 HQ most of the time) and I didn’t have any problems with previous tvOS (?) versions but as of now they are playing back at like 10 fps so lots of stutters. I don’t know if that’s related to tvOS 17 or the latest Infuse version, though.
MrMC plays these files just fine, so it’s not hardware or network related.

I guess it’s kind of niche to watch ProRes stuff via Infuse but I’d like to know if that is a known bug and if it will get fixed or not. All other files, be it 1080p/4K encodes or (UHD-)Blu-ray Remuxes play just fine like they used to, so what I’m experiencing is exclusive to files using the ProRes codec.

Would you be able to send in one of the problematic files so we can test here?