Proper setup of multiple editions of a movie

I’m trying to take advantage of the smart grouping features available in Infuse. I have two editions of the movie Logan, both at the root of my “movies” folder, named as follows:

Logan (2017) {edition-Logan}.mkv
Logan (2017) {edition-Logan Noir}.mkv

My goal is to have a single “Logan” tile in the library, with two playback options once I expand that tile: one for “Logan” and one for “Logan Noir”.

Instead, what I’m seeing on my iPhone when I browse the library is two tiles for Logan, not one, and no mention of the edition when I click on either tile.

Note that I previously had this movie copied into my NAS share where I’m storing all of my files as a single file with both editions in the one file, but then I learned why that was a bad idea, so now I’m trying to use two files to represent the one title.

This is the first time I’m trying the editions feature.

Does anything jump out as wrong with my setup?

Suggestions on how I can make this work are welcome and appreciated.


Can you provide a screen cap of the file names and directory structure?

Here’s what I tested

I placed these in my main movies directory that is scanned for the Infuse Library.
Here’s what I got when I did a search for that movie from the home screen.

And here’s what I get when I click on the results.

Where are you looking at for these in the library?

If you look at the individual favorite it won’t show, it has to be viewed in the actual library like in “All Movies” or from the search results.

It could be that your question is highlighting where my real problem is.

Since I started using Infuse, I haven’t set up a backend server of any kind, although I plan to set up Jellyfin on my NAS. Instead I’ve been trying it out just using a file share on my NAS. That file share has a “Movies” folder and a “TV Shows” folder. In Infuse, I didn’t have anything appear in my library, so I added a file share that showed up with a UPnP folder icon. That “added” the share to my library, however on the main Infuse screen it still says “Welcome to Infuse”, and “Now let’s find some videos to add to your Library”.

Since I don’t have any more files to add, I tapped on the “Files” folder/button, where I see my “Movies” and “TV Shows” folders, both of which I have marked as favorite. If I tap on Movies, I see all of my movie tiles, and I’ve been watching movies from there, since that appeared to be a library. That’s where I see multiple Logan movies, which makes sense from the perspective that this is a file viewer and not a movie library viewer. That view is also why I moved away from using subfolders for movies and shows, because I wanted the “Library” view, but it wasn’t showing me anything so flattening the folder structure allowed me to work with all files in two folders (one for movies, one for shows), giving me a self-made library, except when it comes to multiple editions of a movie that I just tried for the first time.

Where do I go from here to get a Library view that rolls up multiple files properly so that I can work from that view on my iPhone/iPad/Apple TV 4K devices?

I don’t run any additional server software like jellyfin or plex, it’s just too much hassle for me and Infuse does a great job on it’s own.

First thing, the UPnP protocol really doesn’t allow Infuse to do much. It’s using the UPnP server option of your NAS.

I’d recommend enabling the SMB or FTP server options in your NAS and using one of those protocols to connect from Infuse.

I’ve been using SMB from the beginning and it’s been perfect for me but others have had better luck with FTP or other protocols.

This users guide may help in getting set up to use your NAS for Infuse.

There are many users guides that can walk you through the set up and use of Infuse here.

Again, you don’t need a server like jellyfin or plex to use Infuse, it will do the work itself. :wink:


Mod Edit for Translation:

This is feasible for movies whose metadata can be obtained online, but it is not possible if the movies in your collection use local metadata. I don’t know how to set the local metadata.

Please also post in English so that more users can benefit from your contributions. Also you may get an answer sooner from others who have had the same problem.

也请用英文发布,以便更多用户可以从您的贡献中受益。 此外,您可能会更快地从遇到同样问题的其他人那里得到答案。

You can add your own local metadata with Infuse also.