Proper release date format?

Hi…running infuse pro on ATV 4K and I tag my mkv files with my own XML files. It works fine except the release date does not show up in infuse…really, all I care about is the release year being displayed. The release date year does show up in older mp4 files that I used a 3rd party app to tag but I can’t tell what format they’re using. Since there are no metadata tagging apps for mkv files, I had to do it myself. I’ve used the following tags for release date and neither one works (again, infuse displays all other fields in the XML as expected)…


Can anyone tell me the correct format so that infuse will recognize and display the date? Thanks in advance!

Are you following the sample xml format for published date found here Inception that is referenced here Metadata 101 – Firecore

Crap, didn’t notice that the forum striped out my XML tags. Yes, I’m using the published tag like in the example and it doesn’t show up in infuse.

I just created a totally bogus movie using the sample file and it picked up the year just fine when the XML file is placed in the same folder as the movie with the same name as the movie except for the XML extension.

Is this a movie or TV show that you’re having issues with?

Thanks for the reply…it’s a movie.

I’m not really well versed in XML files but is it possible that you have an extra “space” or other invisible character in your file some where?

Here is a screen cap from the Apple TV and a screen shot of the file structure used to get the ATV display.

Yes, I had a few extra jpg files from Stephen Kings IT and I used it for the poster and also a fanart background was used. All I did with the sample xml file that I linked to above was to change the name from “sample.xml” to “Fruit Loops 2010.xml” and I named a dummy video file to “Fruit Loops 2010.mkv”.

I use Apples TextEdit to read and modify XML files.

No, definitely not a space issue.

Not sure what to tell you. Did you follow the same file structure and folder set up? Without specifics on the file you’re having issues with anything else is totally guessing.

I’ve checked that the provided sample.xml file works as stated and the year shows. If you want to provide your xml file that’s causing the problem that is about the only way to proceed that I can tell.

Thanks again for you input…I forgot to include some info from awhile back when I first started using infuse. I’m using a different xml structure because I’m embedding the metadata from the xml in the mkv file itself with MKVToolNix. That tool will not take the xml format based on the infuse sample - it errors out. I had to do the xml based on how MKVToolNix wants it and everything worked except the release date.

Also, I had to do this approach because the media is being accessed over DLNA so I can’t go with the solution of creating the separate xml file with the same name as the movie file and drop it in the same folder. Do you know if this has since changed?

Yup, that info probably would have saved some time. :wink:

Best I can suggest is to see if the program you’re using has a support forum and asking there why this format doesn’t work for release dates. Infuse is working as advertised with the tools recommended. Using DLNA does handicap many aspects of using Infuse as far as I’ve seen. I tried it but found Infuse far better at obtaining and presenting metadata by itself with far less hassle in file management.

Not sure what you’re asking if it has changed but the format and way to use XML files is what is explained in the links above and works as demonstrated.

I was asking if infuse has made any changes that will allow it to recognize an external xml file over DLNA?