Proper naming of drives in Share Point settings Question

I am wanting to connect Nito to my PC, but not the main C:/ drive, rather my other internal F:/ drive that I use for storage.

Would I use the drive letter, or its name, 'StorageDrive' under "Volume Path"?

And if I wanted to access content in a folder off the root of that drive, ie. F:/Content, or StorageDrive/Content, would I have to enter "Content" in the 'custom path' setting?


Nevermind, figured it out on my own.

Firecore peeps - in your documentation for networking and how to add a 'sharepoint', I think it would be super helpful to add different or most popular scenarios and how the settings for those would look. Right now y ou really only provide one example for each setting. How abut providing examples for PC, Mac, Mac with Time Campsule, PC with internal drive, and finally, external USB drive.

Also the "User Guide" for NitoTV is essentially useless and should rather be called a FSI (free standing insert). This term is used in the advertising world. All it is is a feature list and no help at all for actually USING the software.

Please use my $49 to pay someone to write more helpful user docs.

Glad you're back on track. A revamp of the existing documentation is actually planned for the near future.