Proper naming for collections of movies when using Title Sorting?

So I have my folder setup and everything works well, with the exception of the movie collections without the numerical titles (Harry Potter for example) how do I name those files to maintain using Title sorting (which works well otherwise) to get those movie collections in their proper chronological order?

I tried following the Metadata 101 page but it didn’t appear to help.

Infuse will actually sort the movies in each Collection chronologically without you having to jump through any special hoops.

Are you seeing something different with your Collections?


Everything in this particular folder appears to be correct, with the exception of the Harry Potter Movies, that appear to be sorted in Alphabetical order. Not sure why but its a bit annoying to have the first movie (Sorcerer/Philospher Stone) as the second to last movie. I even tried manually grabbing the metadata but it appears to not make a difference.

If you use the Library>Movie>Collections folder it shows the Harry Potter movies in the correct order. You can add “Collections” either as a Favorite or as a list to your home screen.

Interestingly I was using DLNA/uPNP off my QNAP; I switched to SMB, and I do see the movies under the collection in the correct order, however my favorite folder where all the movies are in is still showing them out of order. Is there anything that can be done to get them in the right order in the main favorite folder?

As far as I know, the only place that shows the correct “Collections” order is in the Library collections folder. All the others sort by title name which you are seeing doesn’t follow the chronological order.

Like I said though, you can make a favorite out of the Library Collections folder and you get what you’re looking for.

Thanks NC Bullseye for the responses.

James is it possible to add whatever logic is being used in collections under library to be able to be applied to an individual favorite folder?

I noticed the same thing occured with my Alien movie collection as well.

I’m using Infuse with only Plex integration and collections are nowhere to be seen. Just wondering why? When I go to search and browse Collections, I get an empty folder.