Proper Miniseries Entry (Miss Marple)

I’m trying to enter the 12 movie miniseries of Agatha Christies: Miss Marple. Infuse treats it as the tv series Agatha Christies: Marple which has 6 seasons.
Can someone tell me the proper way to enter a miniseries?
Miniseries are not movies or tv shows, so where should they show up in infuse? I assume as a tv show.
I have both the tv show and the miniseries, but infuse wants to merge them as one, the tv series. has has each of the TV mini-series as an individual series …. miss marple — The Movie Database (TMDB)

So you are going to have to name them to match each mini-series, something like

miss marple sleeping murder/miss.marple.sleeping.murder.S01E01.mkv

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That’s very discouraging. Instead of one miniseries, I will have 12.
Does anyone know what I need to do on tmdb to combine the miniseries?

They have a set of guidelines and a contributors bible that are the best place to start to find out about changing active info.

If you don’t see any info on what you want to do I’d suggest you post in their forum asking there.

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