Proper infuse 5 upgrade cost?

So I received an email about older infuse pro users (me - on 4.3.7) upgrading to 5 pro with special pricing. I opened the new app (following the instructions in the blog post regarding upgrading) and now I am on a page titled ‘Upgrade to Infuse Pro’ with a ‘special’ lifetime cost of 39.99 CAD, but then off to the side another Lifetime option for $54.99 CAD… then at the bottom of this page a ‘restore’ button. Needless to say I’m confused. What is this ‘restore’ button? Is the upgrade special the 39.99? Why is there a 54.00 option too?

I’m thinking of taking the lifetime plunge, but if I’m clicking on something I want to get it right. Any help appreciated. (Note I’m in Canada in case that matters)


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I’ve seen the same thing, only a special lifetime option of SGD44.98 vs the regular SGD 59.98. Might be better to wait for James to give an official comment though.

My take…typically I think you’ll see Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime options…but he’s running a deal at the moment…so the cheaper lifetime option is (as it says) a special.

So the special is $39.99 (go for that if you want lifetime)…and later (when the special ends) the regular price will be $54 for those that take it up…a bit odd that both prices are currently listed on the same screen, which is a bit confusing.

Regarding restore, this is for when you reinstall Infuse or set it up on a new device…you “Restore” your previous purchase so it knows you have paid. You shouldn’t have to do that unless the app doesn’t realise you have an existing subscription but isn’t showing it.

Hope that helps…but James can confirm if I have that correct.


I also found it confusing – there was a choice on the far left for “lifetime” priced at $29.99 USD, and on the far right and option for $39.99 USD for “lifetime pro”

My annual subscription comes up in 2 days. Hope we get clarity before then.

Sorry for the confusion.

The regular lifetime and special lifetime are the same. The special is supposed to only be displayed for v4 upgrades, though there is a bug in the current version that is allowing it to show for some v5 people as well. Our mistake is your gain, so if you’re interested in the lifetime special you probably want to snag it before 5.6.5 rolls out with the upgrade pricing fix. :wink:

Alternatively, if you want to stay on the subscription, your price is locked in for life and will never increase.

The Restore is there in case your past purchase isn’t being recognized in the app, though in most cases it’s not required to use this.


Perhaps the bug is because I purchased Pro for Infuse v2, v3, v4, etc?

The $4.99 annual subscription will never increase? W00t!

could u pls explain what is the difference to make an update and buy directly from the Apple store (the price is cheaper 2 times)?

Are you referring to the standalone Pro app?

If so, that’s available as an option, and will include all updates until v6 is released.

if i am paying for upgrade to Infuse Pro lifetime plan now, does it mean I am getting unlimited lifetime upgrades?

Yes, the In-App options all include updates.

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Great, Thx

Thanks for all the help! Will be ordering soon. I’m extremely happy with infuse. :slight_smile:

I just bought the lifetime subscription. Keep up the good work James!

Can someone please post all the current pricings, preferably in euro? I’m currently in trial period started before this pricing change, and can’t determine what I want to do without know current prices. Thanks.

So the yearly subscription price has increased for new v5 purchasers and previous v4 owners, do I understand correctly?

If you started a trial before Dec 18, then you will have the old subscription pricing and keep that for life - your price will never increases.

Pricing can vary widely by country, but you can view the options available to you by tapping the ‘View Subscription’ button that appears underneath the Pro icon in Infuse > Settings.

The subscription rate was increased slightly for all who choose to start a subscription on or after Dec 18. This does not affect those who have an existing subscription, or started a free trial before Dec 18.

Infuse 4 users can upgrade to a lifetime license at a substantial discount, and bit more info on how this works can be found here.

“The subscription rate was increased slightly …”, for me as a v4 Pro user, it increased from 5 to 10.50 CHF, that is not exactly “slightly” :slight_smile:

Are you currently subscribed to Pro?

There was a promo we ran last year after the initial release of v5 which offered a discounted subscription option for those that signed up before the end of 2016. If you subscribed during this time, then that is the price you would be locked in at.

Apple also has a 60 day grace period, so if you had a subscription that you chose not to renew, you have 60 days to reactivate it while still being able to keep your old rate.

When I bought v4 Pro, there was no subscription; my v5 subscription expired Jan. 2017. So, it is the “old” situation either buy for even a higher -recurrent- subscription rate or leave it at v4 Pro. In this case, I will choose the later option because my needs are actually covered by MrMC (which does it all, and more, at a fraction of the price of Infuse’s Life-Time subscription) for local playback and Plex/Emby for Remote Playback (MrMC supports both Plex and Emby). In fact, Infuse v4 got a new life with the Apple TV 4K and plays very well incl. HEVC.
So, there is no urgent need for me to upgrade except that I like the UI of Infuse which is almost identical to DS Video (Synology) and similar to the UI of Plex App on Apple TV.
Infuse is a great product but sorry, I will skip this Infuse upgrade round again :wink:

James, how about the 30% discount from last year? I got the yearly pro with 30%, but now I only see options for lifetime €49,99 or monthly €0,99. Why no lifetime with the 30% discount? I also came from 4 pro.

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