Proper 50p/60p deinterlacing of content


None of the deinterlacing options in Infuse for Apple TV 4K actually work correctly for true, native interlaced content.

I have lots of true 50i content (content with 50 unique images per second; ie each field is from a different point in time), but Infuse wants to deinterlace in all modes to an awful 25p half frame rate ‘look’, rather than deinterlacing properly to 50p.

I had to go to Handbrake and do a BOB Deinterlace, then via Infuse these newly encoded, properly deinterlaced files would play back properly at 50p with smooth 50p motion, just like their 50i originals.

Could this BOB Deinterlace mode be added to both the AUTO mode, where detected, and also a forced manual mode in the deinterlacing options?

It would be the same for 59.94i native content too. Needs a 59.94p BOB deinterlace mode to preserve the native frame rate and motion.


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If you have a chance, and are able to upload a sample video we’d love to take a look.

Done! Uploaded both original 50i version example, plus the 50p Bob deinterlaced version, which properly preserves the 50 unique images per second motion.

Thanks! We’ll take a look.

Sorry for doing a Lazarus on an old thread, but did anything come of this?
I’m currently trialing infuse 6 pro and this is the only thing that is wrong…
Kodi handles the content properly, but it is not quite right in infuse. Mostly affects my ripped 1080i concert blu rays.

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Just trialling Infuse on my Apple TV 4K. I run several Kodi devices on a large collection of mkv files but decided to look at Infuse. Many of my mkv files have native interlaced content at 50i. I just played some h264 1080/50i content, and the studio interlaced video was terrible, clearly not being deinterlaced correctly, juddery motion etc. I’ve seen some other threads on this but I have not seen an answer from the developer. Is this a fundamental limitation of the Apple TV, or is there a way around it? I tried the various deinterlacing options and none worked. The same content plays perfectly on a Raspberry Pi model 3 running LibreELEC or OSMC, and also plays perfectly on a Vero 4K (OSMC).

It might have to do with the way AppleTV handles interlaced content. The other boxes have had significant work done on the OS level to handle interlaced video (they support live tv in kodi so it’s a requirement).

You could try playing the same content in VLC to see how it plays. If you get the same results it might be an Apple issue.

I would not be surprised if it’s an Apple TV issue. I noticed that the NOWTV app has poor video performance with live sports that I know are being broadcast in 50i. But I’m just curious to see what the Infuse app can do. Looks like I’m not the first person to post about this. I’ll see if the developer posts on this.

If you’re able to send in a sample we’d love to look into it.

Per the discussion in this thread, I have uploaded a chapter from a 50i bluray imported via makemkv. All Kodi devices in my collection deinterlace this correctly on auto settings. As the content is natively interlaced, it has to be managed accordingly when converted to 50p to achieve smooth motion. At present Infuse on the Apple TV does not do that on any of the deinterlace settings.

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I just tried the Apple TV Plex client and it was equally poor with native 50i. So the ATV may not be a serious contender as an all-rounder for my mkv collection, unless thus can be fixed.

I went to the trouble of submitting a sample, heard nothing more. Perhaps the developer could just confirm whether or not the ATV/Infuse can handle native interlaced material correctly? I don’t think I’m the first person to post on this, absence of comment from the developer seems telling, would expect more given this is not a free app.

Apologies for the delayed response.

We have received your sample, and have this on our radar.

FWIW, we somewhat recently updated a number of aspects of the underlying playback core, and this will allow us to add better support for files like these (among other things).

I’m in the same boat. I usually do BOB deinterlacing in Handbrake instead of trusting Infuse to do BOB deterlacing of 60i native content. Can anyone confirm if any of the latest Infuse updates have changed anything?

This continues to be an issue, but I have yet to find any app on the Apple TV that will play native interlaced content properly. I have a lot of such content and it’s unwatchable with Infuse, so I use Kodi on a Pi, Vero or Shield - there are lots of devices that can deinterlace properly, but not it seems the ATV?

This thread has been up for quite a while, still no meaningful reply from the Infuse developer? Can we get clarification on whether this is an issue with Infuse or the ATV itself? Native 50i video is playing with 25p motion, i.e. it’s unwatchable.

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MrMc has an BOB (inverted) deinterlace option and it works correctly on the ATV, so it is not a limitation. For watching Formula 1 in 1080i, BOBi is the correct way (also w3diff works which MrMc also has, but is much more cpu intensive).

But I switched from MrMc to Infuse because I like it much better (Atmos support etc.), but I would really like this option. Also the support for MrMc is non existing since a year, that’s why I also switched. But since this thread is from 2019, support for at least this item is not also very high. :disappointed:

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I am surprised that there aren’t more Infuse users posting about the lack of proper deinterlacing support. Native 50i content is unwatchable with Infuse on the ATV, so I’ve pretty much given up as there are so many other platforms that can do this correctly.


What particular problems with interlaced content are you having that make it unwatchable?

I recently started re-encoding some of my music DVDs/Blu-rays in Handbrake, and have figured out how to keep them interlaced and let Infuse deinterlace during playback. Handbrake’s decombing/deinterlacing is poor and causes pretty bad aliasing, so I’m glad it can be eliminated by having an on-the-fly solution. The other advantage is that I can benefit from future improvements in deinterlacing, rather than having a poor implementation baked into the encoded file.

I haven’t tried many interlaced encodes yet, but Infuse seems to be doing a good job - certainly not what I’d call unwatchable.

Are you having problems with just 50i content or 60i too? What sort of 50i content do you tend to watch?

thanks for your interest in this. My mkv’s are all native 1:1 rips with no re-encoding. Many items are “native” 50i, i.e. they have 50Hz motion. Typically in my library these are sourced from BBC TV shows from the 70’s and 80’s where the studio scenes were captured as 50i video. I run Kodi on various devices and they deinterlace such content automatically to full 50Hz motion without any issue, and copes equally well with mpeg2 or h264 encoded content. However, on the Apple TV / Infuse platform, it is immediately obvious that none of the deinterlacing options are able to provide fluid 50Hz motion, and instead there is a stuttery / jerky mess, which means I stick with my Vero 4K+/Shield/Raspberry Pi 3b running Kodi (though Kodi 19 is still work in progress on the Pi when it comes to deinterlacing, previous versions were fine).

More recent 50i content is often encoded that way from a progressive source (either captured progressively or converted to progressive in post-production and then authored in 50i). So for modern TV drama 50i is not a problem as the default weave you get with Apple TV is correct, and you get clean 25p playback that matches the motion of the source. This is one area where Infuse/Apple TV has an advantage over the Vero 4K, since the Vero cannot do pure weave on 50i content for h264 (it can for VC1). The result on the Vero is perfectly watchable, but there can be occurrences of moire that would not arise with a pure weave. A Pi 3b running Kodi 18 can do everything, with a force weave being possible on all regular codecs for progressive sourced 50i and full-motion deinterlacing for natively interlaced content.