Proper 50p/60p deinterlacing of content


None of the deinterlacing options in Infuse for Apple TV 4K actually work correctly for true, native interlaced content.

I have lots of true 50i content (content with 50 unique images per second; ie each field is from a different point in time), but Infuse wants to deinterlace in all modes to an awful 25p half frame rate ‘look’, rather than deinterlacing properly to 50p.

I had to go to Handbrake and do a BOB Deinterlace, then via Infuse these newly encoded, properly deinterlaced files would play back properly at 50p with smooth 50p motion, just like their 50i originals.

Could this BOB Deinterlace mode be added to both the AUTO mode, where detected, and also a forced manual mode in the deinterlacing options?

It would be the same for 59.94i native content too. Needs a 59.94p BOB deinterlace mode to preserve the native frame rate and motion.


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If you have a chance, and are able to upload a sample video we’d love to take a look.

Done! Uploaded both original 50i version example, plus the 50p Bob deinterlaced version, which properly preserves the 50 unique images per second motion.

Thanks! We’ll take a look.

Sorry for doing a Lazarus on an old thread, but did anything come of this?
I’m currently trialing infuse 6 pro and this is the only thing that is wrong…
Kodi handles the content properly, but it is not quite right in infuse. Mostly affects my ripped 1080i concert blu rays.

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