Prompt When Deleting Downloaded Movies

UI suggestion: When deleting a movie that you have downloaded to Infuse, you will be prompted if you want to permanently delete the movie. Granted, Infuse can’t permanently delete the original movie file, which is why I think there should be more clarity in the prompt. It should specify that you’re only deleting a downloaded copy of the movie from Infuse, that it doesn’t delete the original file. Some might hesitate at this prompt like I did.

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I’m not sure about what you mean, because when I do a delete on a movie, that also delete the original file on my Hard Drive ( NAS ).

I’m guessing the difference is that if you have “File Management” turned on in settings it will delete both.

Yes, I have this option checked. Without it, I have no ‘Delete’ button.
That’s why I’m confused. I thought that if OP talks about this button, his option is checked as well.

Are you downloading the file to the iOS device and then playing or are you streaming via network? I believe that when you download the video to your iOS device you can delete the one on the iOS device without file management set but I may be mistaken.

I have File Management disabled. I’m referring to movies that I’ve downloaded to my device for offline viewing. My movie files are sourced from my Google Drive.

I experienced the same hesitation and thought the prompt could benefit from clarity, as OP stated.

We’re looking into a few options here, and are leaning towards adding the item location (“Synced” for local files, or the share name for streamed files) after the file title.

Are you sure you want to permanently delete “The Big Short” (Synced)?

Are you sure you want to permanently delete “The Big Short” (Google Drive)?

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I think that’s perfect. Nothing more complicated necessary.

Added for 6.3.1 which should be out next week.

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