Progress does not sync to Plex and retrive old progress back to Infuse

I host a plex media server in my home without the internet access and I use Infuse to download it to my iPad. I have watched episodes of shows from my local and downloaded library (it shows up as another library in Files) when not connected to the server.

When I reconnected to the plex server again, progress on the server (which is not up-date) was synced to my Infuse offline library and all of the progress I watched offline is gone.

It seems like Infuse cannot sync any progress to Plex and receive old progress from Plex back to Infuse. I am wandering if it is possible to sync from Infuse to Plex instead?

I am running a latest Plex media server on Windows 11 (with PlexPass) and Infuse 7 PRO on my iPad.