Progress Bar Missing After Latest Update

I installed the latest Infuse update (5.9) last night and immediately noticed a feature I use all the time is no longer available.

Prior to this update, I was able to see the progress bar without using the ATV4K remote and without pausing the show by pressing the down arrow on a non-Apple remote which brought up the Info screen and then pressing the Back or Return button which then brought up the progress bar during playback. Why has this useful feature been removed? I know of no other way to bring up the progress bar without using the Apple remote (tapping) and without pausing the content.

Anyone? James?

Thanks for your feedback.

We’ll be adjusting this in the upcoming version so that pressing the up arrow will reveal the timeline bar (without the drop-down info window).

Great, I hope you mean the upcoming vs. 5 and not 6 since I don’t have free upgrades on my copy?

This has been added in the upcoming 5.9.1 version which is due out within the next few days.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

Great news! Thanks!!