Progress bar and back button

On almost all streaming app I use, when the progress bar is displayed and you hit the back button, it removes the bar.

On Infuse, hitting the back button always stop the video.

It drives me crazy! Hitting the back button while there is OSD should make them disappear first. Not stopping the video.


What device are you referring to?

I’m guessing Apple TV. Apps like YouTube and prime show the overlay, although they stay up for quite a while, thus the advantage of being able to press back to leave the osd


Apple tv

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Ahh the new ATV remote. Some of us are still on the original touch pad remotes and I couldn’t figure out what you were referring to by “Back Button” until I looked it up.

I know on the touch pad version you can just touch the touch pad twice more to make the progress bar disappear. (Touch one more time after it appears and it gives you the start and end times)

I use a Harmony and this bugs me as well.

It frequently gets me towards the end of a file, when I want to replay a clip of audio I might have missed, but instead Infuse selects “Next Episode” and not only bounces me out of my show before I’ve finished; but marks my show “watched” so to view the last few minutes of the episode I have to start over and then tediously fast forward all the way from the beginning again. :confused:

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Yes it happens to me all the time.

For some reason the progress bar is visible, I press back to make it disappear (because it’s a reflex since all other apps do that), of course it stops the video but since I was toward the end, it’s maked as finished…

The back button should make every overlay disappear FIRST, then stop the video if there was none

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