Profile 8 fallback to HDR support

on iina,even tho there is no support for DV, when playing a dolby vision profile 8 file ,the app falls back to HDR ,giving decent results . you can see iina doesnt support dolby playback as files look purple and green.
(Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.08.09, BL+RPU, HDR10 compatible / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible)

in infuse however,profile 8 plays badly ,instead of relying on DV which it doesnt support ,it should do as iina and rely on hdr
first pic is dv profile 5 on iina ,to prove DV isnt supported by it
second is dv profile 8 which uses hdr fallback on iina
third is infuse with profile 5,plays beautifully (btw @james you can see that dolby own files in profile 5 do play well,unlike what i show on my opened post Color issues with Dolby Vision on Mac)
4th is infuse with profile 8 ,looks washed out and horrible



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This has been fixed in today’s 7.3.4 update.

Thanks for your patience.

@james DV P8.1 play in HDR now but DV P8.4 iphone video look washout and blown out after 7.3.4 on Mac. (Macbook pro 14 2021)
On iphone both P8.1 & P8.4 look fine.

I can’t seem to replicate this here with videos shot on an iPhone 12 Pro or 13 Pro. MediaInfo reports these are actually Profile 8.7 though.

Are you running macOS 12.2 and Infuse 7.3.4?

Can you upload a sample video you’re seeing issues with?

just upload a DV P8.1 4K60 P81 GlassBlowing.mp4 and DV P8.4 4K60p (08.0A).mov

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Thanks! Looking into this.

dvhe.08.06 / dvhe.08.07 (hence P8.1 if I am not mistaken) indeed play back in HDR10. What’s odd is that my TV still triggers Dolby Vision, which is confusing.

@james: Do you have any idea why that is or can this be fixed? AND Are you guys still looking into DV P8.1 support. I couldn’t find anything on the roadmap (upcoming features) for future releases any longer.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Today’s 7.3.5 update resolves a few issues related to HDR fallback for some Profile 8 videos.

Thanks for the report!


This sounds great! Big question I have does it now fallback to HDR (like it already did) or is it now more compatible with more DV 8 profiles and variants? Like for example I have one with profile ‘dvhe08.06’ does this now really play als DV and not as HDR no more?

The only Profile 8 videos which are fully supported on Apple devices are those which are shot on iPhone.

Other Profile 8 videos should fallback to HDR.

My TV (LG OLED C9) still triggers Dolby Vision @james

Is there sth. you can do to fix this?

If only P8 media shot on iPhone can be correctly displayed as Dolby Vision, I figure there must be a way to safely identify all non-iPhone content?

It‘d make much sense to only trigger HDR for TVs if it is not Dolby Vision.

Furthermore, with 7.3.5, I have video files (dvhe.08.06) where my TV doesn’t trigger Dolby Vision nor HDR. With Infuse 7.3.4 it did at least trigger Dolby Vision (even though it was not). Not triggering anything is not right.

Hope you can fix this with the next version :slight_smile:

This would technically not be possible but al my dvhe 08.06 backups still trigger Dolby Vision after the update so I am thinking does maybe this works in a way that ATV triggers REAL DV cause the codec might translate to ATV as an Iphone video? I know this is too wild too think but just dropping this here.
I love the update btw the network speed has very much improved. I am curious how the mediainfo looks of an iPhone DV file compared to a backup filme with 08.06 dvhe

My dvhe.08.06 files also still trigger DV on the latest update even though there is an hdr backup.

I believe there are some cases where Profile 8 videos will trigger DV. It depends on the profile and other specs of the video.

But can we assume it’s falsely triggering DV and actually playing HDR in DV mode, in the same way that Plex does?

Hi @james, if P8 is not fully supported can we maybe get an option in „settings“ to completely disable Dolby Vision playback for P8?

Expected result: P8 media files (dvhe.08.06, 08.07. etc.) are forced to play back in HDR10 (also meaning: DV is no longer triggered for TVs, but HDR playback mode). P5 - of course - unaffected.

My thinking is: If (at least at the moment) it is not possible to fully support P8 playback, let’s then give people the option to turn it off completely.

I am hoping that this might be sth. which can be implemented easily? What do you think?

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:


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