Problems wtth .sub


Have the latest aTV Flash 1.7 on my ATV2. Some of my movies with .sub subtitles does not show up on screen. The movie works great but without subtitles!

All the movies with .srt subtitles works fine.  Is .sub not supported?


Regards, Jonny

Good question.

I use DVDFab to rip my blu ray movies to m4v. It produces a .sub file for the subtitles. Subtitles are perfect when playing the movie on my PC with VLC and playing the movie on my Mac using VLC.

Media Player, however, does not display the subtitles even those the file appears under the Subtitles menu. As I understand it, MP does not support .sub files. Is this correct?

Will it support this format? I read a post from July 2011 that said it was coming soon but still nothing. Please can this feature be added to Media Player?

Thanks in advance.