Problems with TVShow Metadata ! any help!

Hi All,

I have infuse 6.2.1 ( last version ) … And I install it on my ipad and iphone and Apple TV 4k .
My shared Library has movies and tvshow .
All Movies has get correct metadata without any problems. but I have some of tvshow that moved to Others and not recognize any metadata !
I tried to edit the metadata . but after select the correct tvshow name … nothing change .

my files like this format :
The Good Doctor (2017)/Session 01/the good doctor - s01e01.mkv
The Good Doctor (2017)/Session 01/the good doctor - s01e01.nfo
The Good Doctor (2017)/Session01-poster.jpg
The Good Doctor (2017)/poster.jpg
The Good Doctor (2017)/tvshow.nfo

Note : All these files working fine with its local metadata in KODI .

Any advice please? how can move all these files from Other into TVShow Section with its Metadata .

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Do you have “Metadata Fetching” under settings in Infuse turned on and “Embedded Metadata” turned off?

Currently I don’t think that Infuse allows TV shows in the library when using nfo files. If you let Infuse gather the metadata itself they will appear in the library.

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Thanks a lot Dear NC Bullseye …
yah , after turn off the option " Embedded Metadata " , work fine and moved to tvshow section correctly .

but , if I have tvshow that has not metadata on ( like some Arabic TVShow ) …
How can use Embedded metadata for its ?

I’m pretty sure that “Embedded Metadata” in the settings menu is referring to video files that actually include the metadata internal to the video file, not the additional files like nfo file you add to the same directory as the video file so you don’t need to have "Embedded Metadata enabled unless your files all have the metadata actually encoded into the single video file.

One avenue to get the metadata for shows not in thetvdb is to join that website and then add the info yourself. Then Infuse would pull down the metadata you added to thetvdb and others could too.

TheTVdb is pretty big so it’s rare to find a series they don’t have but you can always join it since it’s user supported and add it yourself.

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The TvDb is getting worse. Nowadays I find The MovieDb a lot better (yes for TV series too), it’s also updated faster (and the artwork is often nicer too).
If you use Plex simply change the Agent, giving priority to TheMovieDB

Big Big thanks …
it is Very cool I didn’t know that the Metadata could be added to the file . like MP3 tags …

I will try it and I will register into TVDB website to try adding the missing TVShow .

Thank you very much

You are right . but I didn’t use Plex before .

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