Problems with subtitles .srt to delete

Good day I have installed 2.0 pro


When I finished my series I want delete the files of subtitles ( .srt ) that I have added manually previously but I cann´t do it


any suggestions about it ?


thank you

This can be done through iTunes, as the SRT files will be listed in the Infuse Documents section.

More info here.

Thanks, but in section “Documents infuse” in Itunes I can add .srt files manually but I cann´t delete them

Hmm, are you seeing the srt files listed there, or are they not even visible?

Yes I can see srt files there but  I can add them  only but I cann´t delete them

Ah, ok.

It’s not very intuitive, but to delete files through Documents list you just need to highlight the files(s) and tap the delete or backspace button to delete them.

Thanks by your help

I apologise for my ignorance

No worries at all. :slight_smile: