Problems with Radio Stream in Couch Surfer (ATV Flash 3.6.1)

Hello all

I’m a new user and bought ATV Flash 3.6.1 primarly to get access to Internet Radio Streams, specifically FM4 from Austria.

Flip4Mac installed
Perian installed

The stream works in Couch Surfer, kind of, but with several glitches:

  1. ATV crashes often accessing the site the first time

  2. When the screensaver chimes in, the stream stops and cannot be revived, a restart of ATV is necessary

  3. When the stream is stopped (by quitting Couch Surfer or accessing another webpage) and the page is reloaded, the stream starts exactly at the same position as the first start (i.e. 8 a.m. in the morning), Couch Surfer seems to not be clearing the cache without a complete restart of ATV.

  4. Most of the times, only about two and a half hours are streamed, then the stream is playing back from the starting point (see 3)

I don’t know exactly what’s the issue, if it is Couch Surfer, Flip4Mac or Quicktime, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe there are other ways to play this radio stream, a .pls stream and .wma stream is also available, but I don’t know how to play these on ATV.