Problems with PwnageTool 4.3.1 JB

There have been some installation problems with the 3rd party apps in the extras section with using this new JB most won't install

xbmc - mange to fix this myself using this method -
Last.FM - Broken
Media Player - Broken
Weather - Broken

will there be a fix for a-tv flash or update for season pass ??


Yes, I´d like to see a quick fix too.

Just did a clean jailbreak (4.3.1) with the new Pwnage Tool released today. Then I installed aTV. Now I have the problem that I can´t install some packages (i.e. Mediaplayer, XMBC etc.) because afpfs-ng is missing. I also can´t install afpfs-ng via nitoTV or ssh. Any ideas?

Actually the fix provided by andrewb.9828 solved my problems... I could install all packages now. @andrewb.9828: maybe it´s time for a clean PwnageTool-JB, apply your fix, maybe install afpfs-ng via nitoTV and then install aTV and all it´s packages...

same problem here

ok today i went to try and install all the broken packages i said last night and they all installed perfectly now

so my solution works so i ll be making a new topic with that solution for others who don't know it or how to SSH yet