Problems with Playlists

So the first problem is that my playlists are not syncing between my devices. iCloud sync is on all the devices. It’s an iPhone, Ipad and Apple tv. My storage is google drive.

The second problem is that I cant start movies from a playlist. When I press start I get an error. But when I return to the home screen the movie is there as a “currently watching”. When I press play there it works.

What version of Infuse?

Free or Paid subscription?

If subscription, could you check on the settings page of all devices that it says pro?

Are you logged into all devices on the same user ID for iCloud?

I update infuse immediately every time a new version comes so they’re all updated. I think the problem with not being able to play from playlists has existed through several updates. I got a Pro subscription and have for years.

They all say Pro

It’s the same iCloud on all devices.

Is this for all play lists?

Can you try making a playlist with just a couple of items and see if you can play them from the playlist right after you create the playlist?

And again, knowing the version number of infuse may help since some users still have Infuse 6 Pro also as well as the 7 pro.

No it seems its only playlists i’ve had for a while, creating a new one and playing worked.

Infuse Pro 7.2.1

And playlist syncing is still not working

Maybe there’s something wrong in your iCloud data? You could try turning iCloud off on all your devices, delete the iCloud data, then turn it on one by one, starting with the one with the correct playlists.

I deleted the app on my iPhone and installed it again. The installation gets stuck on “Syncing with iCloud”. When I go to my iCloud settings I can see that my iCloud data for infuse is 450 Mb but it says Infuse pro 6 but I have Infuse 7. Is that a problem?

Not a problem, It was probably created under Infuse 6 and it just keeps the name on iCloud. Mine says Infuse Pro 6 also.

What devices are you using Infuse on? Are you having issues with syncing on all devices, or just some of them?

One thing to keep in mind is if you are using a mobile device and creating playlists for local (synced) videos, those playlists will not sync to other devices. Same thing applies to local videos on a Mac.

However, playlists created for streamed videos should sync to all devices.

I have an iPhone, Ipad and two Apple TVs. The Apple TVs are syncing with each other but the iPad and iPhone are disconnected.

But waking up today (Wednesday) my iPad is magically back in the game.

Now the problem is my iPhone. I think I have created most of my playlists there but as I said before I reinstalled the app and now it doesn’t sync at all. Are my playlists screwed?

I don’t have local synced videos.

I reset my phone again and loaded the library and metadata. When it was finished the phone had synced with my other devices and everything seemed fine. Today I tried things with playlists again on my phone and it didn’t sync.

I’m gonna try to delete the app on my iPad too.

Now there’s just one problem after the other. I deleted the app on my Ipad and iPhone and after that, they sync with each other. I did have to add my library manually though, iCloud didn’t. But now I deleted the app on one of my Apple TV:s. Again ICloud doesn’t add my library but now I don’t have the option to choose a cloud server for my library. I can only choose media servers or devices on my network. I use google drive.

This didn’t work

If things are working sporadically then it may be due to being out of available space in iCloud.

A list of the requirements for using iCloud can be found in this guide, so it may be worth checking these to ensure things are set up correctly.