Problems with playlists and suggestion

I use playlists mainly for keeping a “watch next” list. I found that when I remove a movie from my NAS, it gets removed from the overall database in Infuse, but not from my playlists. I have to manually remove it from the playlists to get rid of these empty items on the playlist. Can’t it be removed automatically from a playlist when I delete it from my NAS and than synchronize Infuse?

Also. Sometimes I change a movie file for a better one (with a slightly different folder name and file name, and delete the old one). Is it possible for infuse to update the playlist to incorporate the new version of the movie instead of the old (deleted) one?

Lastly. Is it possible to get an option to select multiple files to add them to a playlist in one go instead of each movie separately?

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You may have to put in a suggestion thread for having the playlist automatically delete a file when deleted from the server, I couldn’t find an active one right now but I’m not sure, I’m not at my Mac right now.

Second, when you change a file out for a better one you’ll need to do an “Edit Metadata” and re select the correct match to trigger a re scan of the file to update the info. This keeps Infuse from having to scan all files each time you open it to check for changes and keeps the server loads down this way.

As to the multiple selections you can add your support to a currently running suggestion thread here by liking the first post.

Don’t forget to like the first post to add your support. :wink:

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Thanks for the detailed reply! I’ll do as you suggested.