Problems with playback over lightning digital AV adapter

I have a iPhone 6s (running newest iOS 10.0.2), which plays back all movies I throw at it in Infuse just fine. However, when I connect it to my TV through the lightning digital AV adapter via HDMI, playback isn’t smooth anymore. There are skipped frames and especially in horizontal fast camera shifts some stuttering. No matter which output resolution I select in Infuse.

Is there any advice what to do? Is this a known issue?

Another thing that I noticed: I get a black border/box around the video over the adapter on my TV. When I then select i.e. 1080p output resolution manually in Infuse this is gone, but randomly the image shrinks back again and the black border/box comes back.

Otherwise I am really happy with Infuse’s performance. Help on this issue would be highly appreciated.



Same problem with iPhone 7 on iOS 10.0.2. Other players work fine/better (smooth video without stuttering) so it’s not the video file or the adapter. Hope you can fix it asap.

Just bought the app to playback my 1080p and 720p mkv movies through the lightning digital AV adapter via HDMI and have all the same problems. No smooth playback, stuttering and skipeed frames. However, m4v converted videos from my itunes library plays back fine, but that’s not why I bought the app. I also have the issue with the black border. Switching manually to 1920x1080 and they are gone but after a few minutes they come back…
I spend 10€ for the pro app and i’m really disappointed. Why there are still no iOS 10 compatible version? I hope you can fix this very soon.

Some staff reply would be nice! :wink:

I also emailed the support. Neither over E-Mail, nor here any reaction from the firecore team. Please address this issue and give us an update about what’s going on!



I’m still having this issue on Infuse 5 Pro on iPhone 7+ on 10.1.1…

Flawless on Apple TV, and on the screen of my iPhone, but over the HDMI adapter, I get stuttered frame rate.

So do I. I have emailed back and forth with their support a couple of times, sending them log files and so on. Trying the new releases as they came out, but nothing has changed. Still the same problem. This is really not OK…