Problems with metadata for series American Dad! > from which source do the data origin from?

Hi everybody,

I got a weird problem with my metadata for my American Dad!-Collection I’m streaming from my NAS to my AppleTV.

Somehow I can’t figure it out, how Infuse (respectively the metadata) wants to “assemble” the seasons…

I’m aware of the confusing counting method used for AD, but somehow Infuse shows absolutely incorrect counting methods throughout all seasons.

Best example:

Regarding Infuse season 1 contains the first seven episodes and non more.

Regarding Infuse season 2 contains 19 episodes, beginning with the episode “Bullocks to Stan”

So a total of 26 episodes.

Therefore season 3 should begin with episode #27, named “Lincoln Lover” - but Infuse demands / begins season 3 with episode #24 “Camp Refoogee” (including the thumbnail for the episode)… Camp Refoogee is btw the “official first episode” for season two.

I tried to make any sense out of this with an episode guide but couldn’t succeed…

Long story short: My last idea would be to check the “source-list” from where the Infuse App gets its metadata from.
Is it some opensource-collection or does it originate from firecore-servers?

In that case, is it somehow possible to view this for specific series?

Infuse gets its information from, so your episodes need to be named according to American Dad! -

Infuse starts each season with episode 1 for that season. You can find the formats for file names that Infuse requires here Metadata 101 – Firecore

For example, “American Dad S01E01.ext” would be the first episode for the first season and “American Dad S03E01.ext” is the first episode of season 3 even though it may be the 27th episode of the series in total.